Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Как устроена американская славистика

По-моему, очень характерный и любопытный срез - семинар славистов Среднего Запада. Позволяет оценить разброс интересов, типичные подходы, глубину разработки и анализа:

Midwest Russian Historians Workshop. March 21-22, 2003. Miami University. Oxford, Ohio

Frank Wcislo, Vanderbilt University "Transcaucasia: Boyhood and Family on an Imperial Frontier, 1849-1865

Scott Kenworthy, Miami University "Church, State, and Society in Late Imperial Russia: Nikon (Rozhdestvenskii) and Imiaslavie"

Karen Petrone, University of Kentucky, "Quiet Flows the Don and Soviet Remembrances of World War I"

Eugene Avrutin, University of Michigan, "Numbers, Names, and Legibility: Jewish Population Statistics and the Politics of Reform",%20Names,%20and%20Legibility.pdf

Greg Stroud, University of Illinois, "A Retrospective Cherry Orchard: The Estate as a Site of Memory in Urban Russia, 1903-1928"

Mark Edele, University of Chicago, "The Changing Face of Privilege: Veterans' Legal Rights and How They Got Enforced, 1941-1956"

Youngok Kang-Bohr, University of Manitoba, "The Voronezh Region, 1934-41: A Case Study in Stalinism with a Focus on Center-Periphery Relations"

Scott Palmer, Wester Illinois University, "Higher, Faster, Farther!: Soviet Aviation and Stalinist Aesthetics"

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