Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
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Palgrave - о России

Из каталога издательства Палгрейв, раздел "Русская и советская история":

Russian and Soviet History

В последнее время стали выкладывать по главе на книгу.

Что хочется (правда, кое-что уже есть):

Life and Death in Besieged Leningrad, 1941-1944
John Barber and Andrei Dzeniskevich

Stalin's Terror
Barry McLoughlin

Industrialisation of Soviet Russia: Years of Hunger. Soviet Agriculture 1931-1933
R.W. Davies and Stephen G. Wheatcroft

Nature of Stalin's Dictatorship
The Politburo 1928-1953

Military History of the Soviet Union
Frederick W. Kagan and Robin Higham

Russian Colonization and the Genesis of Kazak National Consciousness
Steve Sabol

Tsarist Secret Police Abroad
Policing Europe in a Modernising World Frederic S. Zuckerman

United States, Western Europe and the Polish Crisis
International Relations in the Second Cold War Helene Sjursen

Centre-Local Relations in the Stalinist State, 1928-1941

Brezhnev Reconsidered
Edwin Bacon and Mark Sandle

Dissent in the Years of Krushchev
Nine Stories about Disobedient Russians
Erik Kulavig

Challenging Traditional Views of Russian History
Stephen G. Wheatcroft

Military History of Tsarist Russia
Frederick W. Kagan and Robin Higham

Nikolai Sukhanov
Chronicler of the Russian Revolution Israel Getzler

Cult of Ivan the Terrible?
Maureen Perrie

Writing History in Twentieth-Century Russia
A View from Within
Alter L. Litvin

Stalinist Reconstruction and the Confirmation of a New Elite, 1945-53
Eric Duskin

Rewriting History in Soviet Russia
The Politics of Revisionist Historiography 1956-1974
Roger Markwick

Britain, the Soviet Union and Russia
Curtis Keeble

Bribery and Blat in Russia
Negotiating Reciprocity from the Early Modern Period to the 1990s
Stephen Lovell, Andrei Rogachevskii and Alena Ledeneva

Russian Civil War
Primary Sources
A.B. Murphy

Grand Alliance and Ukrainian Refugees
Marta Dyczok

Ethnic and National Issues in Russian and East European History
John Morison

Russian Modernity
Politics, Knowledge and Practices, 1800-1950
David L. Hoffmann and Yanni Kotsonis

Radical Right in Interwar Estonia
Andres Kasekamp

Churchill, Whitehall and the Soviet Union, 1940-45
Martin H. Folly

Leon Trotsky and World War One
August 1914 - February 1917 Ian D. Thatcher

Russian Reading Revolution
Print Culture in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Eras
Stephen Lovell

Warriors and Peasants
The Don Cossacks in Late Imperial Russia
Shane O'Rourke

Plans for Stalin's War-Machine
Tukhachevskii and Military-Economic Planning, 1925-1941
Lennart Samuelson

Russo-Japanese War in Cultural Perspective, 1904-05
David Wells and Sandra Wilson

Making Peasants Backward
Agricultural Cooperatives and the Agrarian Question in Russia, 1861-1914
Yanni Kotsonis

Bolsheviks and the National Question 1917-23
Jeremy Smith

From Peasant to Petersburger
Evel G. Economakis

Russian Nationalism, Past and Present
Geoffrey A. Hosking and Robert Service

Graeme Gill

Soviet Union and Europe in the Cold War, 1943-53
Francesca Gori and Silvio Pons

Stalinism in a Russian Province
Collectivization and Dekulakization in Siberia
James Hughes

Russian Civil War
Documents from the Soviet Archives
V.P. Butt, A.B. Murphy, N.A. Myshov and Geoffrey Swain

Molotov and Soviet Government
Sovnarkom, 1930-41
Derek Watson

Deportation and Exile
Poles in the Soviet Union, 1939-48
Keith Sword

Tsarist Secret Police in Russian Society, 1880-1917
Frederic S. Zuckerman

Industrialisation of Soviet Russia 4: Crisis and Progress in the Soviet Economy, 1931-1933
R.W. Davies

Soviet Union and the Origins of the Second World War
Russo-German Relations and the Road to War, 1933-1941
Geoffrey C. Roberts

Culture and History in Eastern Europe
Dennis P. Hupchick

Economy and Society in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1860-1930
Essays for Olga Crisp
Linda Edmondson and Peter Waldron

Stalinism in Ukraine in the 1940s
David R. Marples

Soviet Union and the Threat from the East, 1933-41
Volume 3: Moscow, Tokyo and the Prelude to the Pacific War
Jonathan Haslam

Reconstruction of Poland, 1914-23
Paul Latawski

Jews in Eastern Poland and the USSR, 1939-46
Norman Davies and Antony Polonsky

Moscow under Stalinist Rule, 1931-34
Nobuo Shimotomai

Church, Nation and State in Russia and Ukraine
Geoffrey A. Hosking

Soviet Union and the Struggle for Collective Security in Europe 1933-39
Jonathan Haslam

Soviet Foreign Policy, 1930-33
Jonathan Haslam

Soviet Historians in Crisis, 1928-1932
John Barber

Russian Revolution and the Baltic Fleet
War and Politics, February 1917-April 1918
Evan Mawdsley

Studies in the Russian Economy before 1914
Olga Crisp


Reinterpreting Revolution in Twentieth-Century Europe
Moira Donald and Tim Rees

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