Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Выборы в Азербайджане - взгляд с разных глобусов

Международные наблюдатели заявили, что выборы, хотя и прошли в обстановке острой конкурентной борьбы, были свободными, демократическим и открытыми.

The inaccuracy of the voter lists was evident; many names were added to the voter registers, and there were long and sometimes angry crowds outside courthouses complaining they were not on the lists. This, combined with overcrowded polling stations contributed to raising tensions. Observers reported several instances of heated disputes during voting.

The substantial presence of unauthorized persons, oftentimes directing the work of election commissions, or acting in an intimidating way created an atmosphere of coercion. In several instances (for example PEC 28 ConEC 31; PEC 8, ConEC 16; PEC 45 ConEC 84), unauthorized persons, including local executive, instructed electors how vote. The widespread presence of video cameras filming voting proceeding was intimidating to many voters.

International observers assessed the counting negatively in more than 50% of the polling stations where the count was observed. There was clear evidence of ballot box stuffing (for example, PEC 1 ConEC 100; PEC 9 ConEC 32, PEC 23 ConEC 45). Counting was discontinued in several polling stations. The large presence of unauthorized persons (30%) remained a serious concern. In ConEC 3, all PEC chairpersons stopped at the police station before delivering their protocols to the ConEC.

The tabulation of results showed an increased transparency. A large majority of observers obtained a copy of the PEC protocols. However, in 66% of the polling stations where the count was observed, the protocol was not immediately posted for public scrutiny, as required by law. On election night, the CEC started to publish polling station protocols on its website. However, serious concerns remain. In ConEC 107, 25 of 38 PEC protocols were blank but signed, and many other cases were reported; in other cases, protocols were filled in pencil and altered at the ConEC. The IEOM has observed instances of falsified protocols. Some international observers (25%) were denied access to the computer room.

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