Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Маленькие чешско-кубинские секреты

Из чешского доклада от ноября 1967 года касательно операции "Мануэль" (транзит нелегалов между Кубой и Латинской Америкой через Прагу):

Between the launching of the operation on 17.12.1962 and 30.4.1966 we arranged the secret sojourn and conspiratorial departure from Czechoslovakia for a total of 639 individuals whom we registered in documents and who were catalogued on the basis of used documents.

Travel document Total number
to states: of persons:

United Kingdom 1
Argentina 73
Bolivia 3
Brazil 18
Chile 4
Dominican Republic 77
Ecuador 27
Guatemala 48
Haiti 1
Honduras 29
Colombia 63
Costa Rica 1
Cuba 3
Mexico 2
Panama 3
Paraguay 36
Peru 34
Puerto Rico 5
Salvador 28
Spain 1
Uruguay 8
Venezuela 172

A table listing the number of participants per individual months is enclosed.

The nationality of individual participants basically corresponds to the documents used even though there have been exceptions, as was confirmed.

Most of the participants were young people, mainly students, youth officials and some of them were simple highlanders. Approximately 15% were officials of communist parties, national liberation movements and armed organizations, and about 0.5% were Cuban secret service agents.


The most serious shortcoming was unprofessionally prepared forged passports, which the participants were to use for their journey to the destination country, together with flawed technical changes made in the genuine passports (forged rubber stamps, visas, amended data, etc.) We were prepared to deal with this shortcoming by training an expert in these matters at the 10th Department, but since the Soviet friends took over this task, our assistance in this respect was not needed.

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