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Russia's Tent Empty During G-8 Summit

The Associated Press
Monday, June 2, 2003; 5:43 PM

EVIAN, France - It's the empty tent at the powwow of world leaders. While some briefing tents are buzzing with activity, Russia's has been eerily quiet during its first summit as a full member.

Journalists who stopped at the Russian tent at the press center for the Group of Eight summit to inquire about possible interviews got one standard answer: "Maybe tomorrow."

The U.S. delegation has not been much more forthcoming, although its huge tent was abuzz with some 200 U.S. journalists filing from there.

A sign in front of the tent first said "No briefings scheduled as of now. June 1." It didn't change all day. On Monday morning, someone had written a 2 over the 1, making it "No briefings scheduled as of now. June 2."

That left just Tuesday, but by then President Bush would be in Egypt for a meeting with Arab leaders.

Journalists had more success at other tents.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair showed up to talk about the summit's progress Monday morning at the British tent. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien briefed Canadian reporters at his tent and at a local golf club where some reporters fine-tuned their swings while awaiting his arrival.

But by Monday night - two days into the three-day summit - not a single Russian briefing had been held.

The tent lights were off.

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