Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Книги о чешском корпусе в России

Henry Baerlein, The March of the Seventy Thousand
Ernest Dupuy, Perish by the Sword: the Czechoslovakian Anabasis and Our Supporting Campaigns in North Russia and Siberia 1918-1920
Victor M. Fic, The Bolsheviks and the Czechoslovak Legion
Canfield F. Smith, Vladivostok under Red and White Rule: Revolution and Counterrevolution in the Russian Far East, 1920--1922.
Betty Miller UnterbergerThe United States, Revolutionary Russia, and the Rise of Czechoslovakia
VM Fic: The Boilsheviks and the Czechoslovak legion (New Delhi 1978)
M. Kettle's series on Russia and the Allies 1917-1920, commencing with: The Allies and the Russian Collapse (London 1981)
JFN Bradley: The Czechoslovak Legion in Russia 1914-1920 (New York 1991)
J.D. Smele: The Civil War in Siberia: the anti-Bolshevik government of Admiral Kolchak 1918-1920

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