Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Поворотный пункт новейшей мировой истории

Что считать таким пунктом - дело, понятно, субъективное. Пол Джонсон считал таковым сражение при Новом Орлеане, где Джексон отбил атаку англичан. В свою очередь, предлагаю, как вариант, 1817 год, когда было подписано англо-американское соглашение о разоружении на Великих озерах после войны 1812-1815 годов. Собственно, проще сделать выписку из базовой книги Тревельяна ("British history in the Nineteenth century and after (1782-1919)". Первое издание было в 1922 году, мое - 1956 года.

... Before Castlereagh's career as Foreign Secretary ended, the fortunes of Anglo-American peace had been established on the sound basis of disarmament along the Canadian border, enabling future generations to weather many fierce storms, and to settle a frontier problem that no other two Great Powers would have been able to decide without war.

The problem before Great Britain and Canada on one side and the United States on the other was nothing less than to fix a frontier of four thousand miles, which, except in the region of the Lakes, was not indicated by any natural boundary. It was perhaps the greatest operation that has ever been achieved in the interest of peace, and it took many years and many statesmen to accomplish and perfect it. But the most important stage of the whole proceeding came in 1817, whe, after a sharp struggle inside the British Cabinet, the British and American Governments agreed to abolish their navies on the Great Lakes, and forthwith dismantled, sold or sank the warships on Erie and Ontario. Those fleets have never been reconstructed. From that moment forward "the long, invisible, unguarded line" that divides Canada from her neighbour has been successfully defended by the sole garrison of trust and good will, even during the frequently recurring periods of acrimonious disputes as to its whereabouts. If there had been armaments, there would some time have been war. ...

Кстати, комплект американских документов касательно разоружения на озерах, выложен здесь:

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