Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

"Секретный доклад Хрущева" и Польша

Оказывается, в России сейчас принято считать, что доклад из Польши на Запад попал исключительно благодаря некоему Виктору Граевскому. Яндекс вываливает кучу линков: (то же самое -
и т.д.

Не подвергая сомнению рассказ Граевского, склонен думать, что все было проще, одновременных утечек в Польше было много.

Вот что пишет Тони Кемп-Велч в статье о восприятии доклада Хрущева в Польше (Europe-Asia studies, номер 2, 1996 год):

The PZPR archive has three reports of Khrushchev's speech. A red original, numbered 218017, had been given to Bierut at the XX Congress. Marked "not for publication", it was intended to enable regional and local CPSU organizations to inform their membership. The copies were to be returned to Moscow within three months. <...> Bierut's copy was made available to selected readers at the top of the Central Committee building. Since many lacked good Russian, the question of translation soon arose. The Polish party decided - alone in the block - to disseminate a text locally. A blue copy was published under the PZPR imprimt, designated "exclusively for inner-party use". Such documents tend not to remain exclusive for very long. Printers were instructed to exceed the official run (3000) by a factor of five, and numerous private duplicates were made. In addition, the Warsaw Party Secretary Staszewski handed copies "hot off the press" to correspondents of Le Monde, Herald Tribune and New York Times. At home, the text soon found its way onto the black market. Jacek Kuron recalls it changed hands for 500 zlotys. Though a huge sum, this was less than "$ 1 million" allegedly offered by Western intelligence services. The latter evidently produced the third copy in archives. Printed on wafer-thin paper, suitable for smuggling or even for dropping over the frontier by balloon, this item, "The Speech of N.S.Khrushchev", appends a litany of further thought-provoking suggestions <...>

Так что предложение было вполне адекватно спросу...

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