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Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

Доклады конференций -

Imagining Russia

Brandenberger, David The reemergence of Russocentrism in the 1930s: was it more than a ‘Great retreat'?
Brumberg, Abraham Images of Russia from within the Bund
Dawisha, Karen "Havighurst Center Inaugural Address"
Galtz, Roz "Thoughts on studying russian everyday life in the post-Soviet era"
Herrera, Yoshiko "The imagined economy in Russia"
Jackson, William "The image of Russia in international relations theory"
Jacobs, Dan "Images of Russia in the West"
Kennedy, Michael "Envisioning Russia from disciplinary and national borderlands"
Kollmann, Nancy Shields "Enduring and Changing Aspects in the image of Russian despotism"
Lieven, Anatol "Image of the West in Russian Nationalism"
McFaul, Michael "Can Russia escape our image of its past?"
Neuberger, Joan Do Russians need a powerful Tsar? Eisenstein's images in Ivan the Terrible
Prizel, Ilya "Russian Nationalism: Threat or Chimera?"
Simonia, Nodari A. "Putin's Russia: Succession, Return to the Past or Beginning of a New Era?"
Stoner-Weiss, Kathryn "Imagined geographies in center-periphery relations"
Thurston, Robert "The dehumanization of the Russian people in Western images of Russia in the early Cold War"
Tismaneanu, Vladimir "Fear of Russia, or Fear for Russia in East European images"
Touronok, Stanislav "Corruption as a driving force and as a checks-and-balances mechanism of Post-Soviet politics"
Touronok, Stanislav "Playing with Images on the Pastures of Russian Politics"
Woll, Josephine "Can Russia live without Aleksandr Nevsky?"
Ziolkowski, Margaret "The Shifting Representation of Stalin in Russian Art and Literature"

Social Norms and Social Deviance

Bradatan, C. Suicide before and after the Fall of Communism
Kolodzei, Natalia Gia Edzgveradze: Georgian-Soviet Hybrid within Nonconformist Circles
Kowalsky, S. Female Criminality in Revolutionary Russia
LaPierre, B. "This is a Public Matter:" the Anti-Hooligan Campaign, 1953-1964
Levesque, J. Collective Farm Idlers and the Soviet State after World War II
Metzo, K. Vodka, Spirits, and the Market (НЕ ЧИТАЕТСЯ)
Pap, A. National Minorities and Ethno corruption
Retish, A. The Peasantry and the Soviet Revolutionary Tribunals

Reconfiguring the Humanities in the Post-Soviet World

Dergatcheva, Anna Emergence of Meaning and Cross-Cultural Translation in Vladimir Nabokov’s Translation and Commentary of Alexander Pushkin’s “Eugene Onegin”
Gasparov, Boris Lost in a Symbolist City: Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades and Andrey Biely’s Petersburg
Grintser, Nikolai Structuralizing Classics: Modern Theories in Contemporary Russian Classical Philology
Loseff, Lev Brodsky and Akhmatova, a Russian Tradition
Mitchell, Paul Fire and Water Imagery in Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Burnt by the Sun”
Morson, Gary Saul Narrativeness
Shapiro, Gavriel Vladimir Nabokov and the World of Art
Shcherbenok, Andrey Literary History after Poststructuralism (Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bunin, Nabokov)

10 Years Later: Shock Therapy and Its Opponents, Who was right?

Dawisha, Karen Political Learning in Postcommunist Elections
Friedman, Leonid The CIS Ten Years Later: Economic and Social Changes Fridman.htm
Gaidar, Yegor Subjective and Objective Forces in Post-Socialist Economic Reform
Gregory, Paul R. What Should We Have Expected from the Soviet Period: Should Soviet Specialists Have Been Consulted?
Khrushcheva, Nina Lessons of transition: cultural contradictions of post-communism and the future of Russian liberalization
Mau, Vladimir Economic and Political Results of 2001 and Prospects for Consolidation of Economic Growth
Meliantsev, Vitali Russia (1991-2001): Reassessment of Macroeconomic Performance in Comparative Perspective
Petrov, Nikolai Federalism Russian-Style and the Evolution of Center-Region Relations
Remington, Thomas Democratization and the Problem of Governance: exploring the effect of the change in political institutions on the quality of governance in Russia
Sheinis, Victor The Russian Constitution of 1993 in Historical Perspective

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