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В КАТАЛОГ (Edward Hamilton Booksellers)

  1. Abraham Asсher "The Revolution of 1905. Authority restored" Stanford University Press. 1992
  2. Melissa Kirschke Stockdale "Paul Miliukov and the quest for a liberal Russia, 1880-1918" Cornell University Press. 1996
  3. David R. Shearer "Industry, state and society in Stalin's Russia, 1926-1934" Cornell University Press. 1996
  4. Lindsey Hughes "Russia in the age of Peter the Great" Yale University Press. 1998
  5. Orlando Figes "Peasant Russia, Civil war. The Volga countryside in revolution (1917-1921)" Phoenix Press. 2001
  6. David R. Stone "Hammer and rifle. The militarization of the Soviet Union, 1926-1933" University Press of Kansas. 2000
  7. General Oleg Sarin, Colonel Lev Dvoretsky "Alien wars. The Soviet Union's agressions against the world, 1919 to 1989" Presidio Press. 1996
  8. *** Robert Whymant "Stalin's spy. Richard Sorge and the Tokyo espionage ring" St. Martin's Press. 1996
  9. Richard C. Thornton "Odd man out. Truman, Stalin, Mao, and the origins of the Korean war" Brassey's. 2000
  10. Iver B. Neumann "Russia and the idea of europe. A study in identity and international relations" Routledge. 1996
  11. "Europe and ethnicity. The First World War and contemporary ethnic conflict" Ed. by Seamus Dunn and T. G. Fraser. Routledge. 1996
  12. Vladimir Tismaneanu "Fantasies of salvation. Democracy, nationalism, and myth in post-communist Europe" Princeton University Press. 1998
  13. Neal Ascherson "Black Sea" Hill and Wang. 1995
  14. John W. Dower "Embracing defeat. Japan in the wake of World War II" W.W.Norton & Company. 1999
  15. "The encyclopedia of revolutions and revolutionaries. From Anarchism to Zhou Enlai" ed. by Martin van Creveld. Facts On File, Inc. 1996
  16. Richard Gid Powers "Not without honor. The history of American anticommunism" The Free Press. 1995
  17. "Biographical dictionary of French political leaders since 1870" ed. by David S. Bell, Douglas Johnson, Peter Morris. Simon & Schuster. 1990
  18. Richard Lamb "Mussolini as diplomat. Il Duce's Italy on the world stage" Fromm International. 1999
  19. Stathis Gourgouris "Dream nation. Enlightenment, colonization, and the institution of modern Greece"Stanford University Press. 1996
  20. Dimitri Obolensky "The Byzantine commonwealth. Eastern Europe, 500-1453" Phoenix Press. 2000 (first edition - 1971)
  21. M. S. Anderson "War and society in Europe of the Old Regime 1618-1789" Sutton Publishing. 1998 (first edition - 1988)
  22. Richard Fletcher "The barbarian conversion. From paganism to Christianity" Henry Holt andd Company. 1997
  23. Felix and Miyoko Imonti "Violent justice. How three assassins fought to free Europe's Jews" Prometheus Books. 1994
  24. Branimir Anzulovic "Heavenly Serbia. From myth to genocide" New York University Press. 1999
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