Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Газ фентанил

Увидел у кого-то линк -

В частности - при отсутствии условий для искусственной вентиляции легких использование фентанила для нейролептаналгезии недопустимо.

Конечно, если это - оно...


Вот, еще пишут -

A physician friend of ours, however, says he doubts it was fentanyl:

1. A solid dissolved in a fluid is not a good substance to disperse.

2. An opiate can be reversed very quickly with an opiate antagonist, typically naloxone. Indeed, opiates are the type of sedative most easily reversed and the one for which there would have been the greatest need to inform hospital staff of the substance used so they could use the antidote. To identify the substance as fentanyl is to accuse the Russians of willful disregard of the safety of the hostages since apparently no antidote was administered.

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