Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

America's Plans for War Against the Soviet Union, 1945-1950

Garland Publishers; April 1990

Редакторы - Steven T. Ross, David Alan Rosenberg


The Strategic Environment (Vol 1)

Design for Global War: The Pincher Plans (Vol 2)

Pincher: Campaign Plans, Part 1 (Vol 3)

Pincher: Campaign Plans, Part 2 (Vol 4)

Plan Frolic and American Resources (Vol 6)

From Crankshaft to Halfmoon (Vol 7)

Plan Bushwacker (Vol 8)

The Atomic Bomb and War Planning: Concepts and Capabilities (Vol 9)

Assessing the Threat (Vol 10)

The Limits of Nuclear Strategy (Vol 11)

Budgets and Strategy: The Road to Offtackle (Vol 12)

Long Range Planning: Dropshot (Vol 14)

Blueprint for Rearmament: Reaper (Vol 15)

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