Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin


Geoffrey Roberts. A Soviet bid for peaceful coexistence with Nazi Germany, 1935-1937: the Kandelaki affair, International History Review (1994) 466-90


Рецензия Карли на: Sabine Dullin. Des hommes d'influences. Les ambassadeurs de Staline en Europe, 1930-1939. Paris: Payot, 2001. 383 pp. 22.11 Euros.

In 1994 Geoffrey Roberts wrote an important article on the "Kandelaki Affair" in which he made use of the same key document produced by Dullin, a draft of instructions for Kandelaki authorizing negotiations in Berlin.(3) Roberts concluded that this was a mere trial balloon quickly burst by the Germans, which was not further pursued. Dullin, without any new evidence to add, sees the same document as proof of a major Soviet initiative and for the German direction in Soviet policy (pp. 172-73). This was at the same time that Stalin decided to support the Spanish Republican government against the Franco rebellion, backed by Nazi Germany and fascist Italy (pp. 164-65).

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