Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Сводные файлы h-diplo (H-DIPLO Discussion Threads)

В том числе:

Ho Chi Minh: Nationalist or Internationalist?

Historians and NATO Expansion

Sobell on "Venona and the Rosenbergs"

INQ:Venona Transcripts and Rosenbergs

The War Scare of 1946 and Its Consequences

Humor and Diplomacy

INQ: Dean Acheson

Re: "France, the Western Alliance, and the Origins of the Schuman Plan"

Рецензии на Marc Trachtenberg, _A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European
Settlement, 1945-1963_ Princeton University Press, 1999. xi + 402 pp.
Abbreviations, bibliographical references, index. $65.00 (cloth) ISBN
0-691-00183-9; $19.95 (paper) 0-691-00273-8.
[2]: Maddux on Trachtenberg
[1]: Clemens on Trachtenberg
[3]: Smith on Trachtenberg
[4]: Westad on Trachtenberg
[5]: Trachtenberg responds

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