Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Вот как надо наводнение устраивать

PATNA, India –– Deadly snakes slithered in floodwaters as 24 people in eastern India died from bites, drowning or being crushed by crumbling houses as rain and raging floods wreaked havoc in South Asia, officials said Sunday.

The latest deaths in India's Bihar state mean 935 people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have died since the monsoon season began in June. About 23 million people in the neighboring nations have been displaced.

In China, the death toll from summer storms approached 1,000 as torrential rains trigger landslides and floods, particularly in the central and southern provinces.

The India deaths, which occurred over the past three days in far-flung areas, raise the toll in Bihar to 300.

"We have received some delayed reports of deaths. These include drowning, snake bites and house collapse," said Manoranjan, an undersecretary at the Bihar state's Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

Rains continued there Sunday, flooding major rivers, he said. In the worst areas, army helicopters dropped food packets to marooned villages.

Nearly 16 million people have been displaced by flooding in Bihar, where 338,000 houses have collapsed, officials said.

А вы - Новороссийск, Прага, Дрезден, морской лев...
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