Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

weird thing

At 9:53 am EST on Sunday, June 16th, A LiveJournal admin writes :

There's a strange, weird thing happening where sometimes the special handlers for journal views aren't kicking in and consequently journal views are becoming "Not Found" messages or regular LiveJournal pages. Someone should be looking into it soon.

Meanwhile, if you get such a problem, you can try refreshing (in moderation) or switching to one of the other URL types:

* (paid user journals only)

In particular, the last is most likely to act differently because it's loaded from a different bunch of servers.

Some regular LiveJournal (BML) pages are doing it too, for similar reasons. These don't have a similar workaround, unfortunately, except moderate refreshing.

Вообще-то комменты постятся, но только после буквально десятой попытки...

weird thing, правильно сказано.

Поспешил я, наверно, раскрыть Главную Тайну ЖЖ. Империя нанесла ответный удар.

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