Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

SD-2021-02 : Operations in FIR Minsk (UMMV)

Safety Directive
SD No.: 2021-02
Issued: 02 June 2021

Pending the finalisation of an international investigation into the incident that occurred on 23 May 2021 initiated by the ICAO Council on 27 May 2021, or until further notice:

(1) EASA Member States’ NCAs should ensure that aircraft operators having their principal place of business in their territory will not conduct operations in FIR Minsk (UMMV), unless the use of that airspace is deemed necessary to ensure safe operation in case of unforeseen circumstances.

(2) In accordance with Paragraph (1) of this SD, EASA Member States’ NCAs should take all necessary measures to ensure prompt implementation of those restrictions, including measures related to the flight planning system and the issuance of a NOTAM to notify the restriction(s) to avoid operations in FIR Minsk (UMMV).

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