Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

В копилку Диссернета, или Интернационал плагиаторов и мошенников

Как пишут в википедии про нынешнюю заведующую Европейским Союзом Урсулу фон дер Лейен:

"In 2015, researchers collaborating at the VroniPlag Wiki reviewed von der Leyen's 1991 doctoral thesis and alleged that 43.5% of the thesis pages contained plagiarism, and in 23 cases citations were used that did not verify claims for which they were given. Multiple notable German academics such as Gerhard Dannemann and Volker Rieble publicly accused von der Leyen of intended plagiarism. The Hannover Medical School conducted an investigation and concluded in March 2016 that while the thesis contains plagiarism, no intention to deceive could be proven.

The university decided not to revoke von der Leyen's medical degree. Critics questioned the independence of the commission that reviewed the thesis as von der Leyen personally knew its director from joint work for an alumni association. Various media outlets also criticized that the decision was nontransparent, not according to established rules and failing to secure high academic standards."

Особенно замечателен этот пассаж: "while the thesis contains plagiarism, no intention to deceive could be proven".

Это именно то, что называется "а что, так можно было?" Уверен, что наши мастера клея и ножниц обязательно должны взять на вооружение эту убедительную аргументацию.

Умение вовремя стирать всю информацию с казенных телефонов - тоже, конечно, вещь незаменимая для большого ученого.

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