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Идиоты из полиции нью-хемпширского Манчестера с гордостью оповестили через фейсбук о своем героическом подвиге - аресте злодеев, преступно клеивших стикеры против обязательного ношения масок на дверях горсовета, на фонарных столбах и даже, страшно вымолвить, на мусорных бачках:

On February 2, 2021, Manchester Police received a report that multiple stickers criticizing the COVID 19 mask mandate were located on doors at City Hall, as well as trash cans and traffic sign poles.

Позже (очевидно, по какому-то непростительному головотяпству и недосмотру) злодеи в ожидании суда были отпущены под залог.

На настоящую минуту комменты, которые показываются под этим сообщением в формате most relevant:

"Victimize innocent citizens? Commit murder, rape, theft, etc.? Meh, we'll get to it eventually. Maybe. If we feel like it. But if you dare to put up stickers criticizing our benevolent, all-knowing political masters, YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN!!!!" - MPD
Does anyone NOT know by now who the badge-wearers actually serve? (Hint: It isn't you.)

Good thing you put a stop to before someone ended up critically thinking. They could have caused problems with the effectiveness of the fear mongering. Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back. You deserve it. After all, you are heroes.

Great job Manchester NH Police , glad to see all the drug use and homelessness problems are solved so we get these heinous crimes under control.

What a waste of money and about actually worrying about people that could do harm to someone else instead of trying to hide the covid truth. No one is buying it anymore, wake up.

Incredulous undertaking protecting your innocent community from the ghastly sticker vandals. Oh the horrors that would’ve been committed if these atrocities had seen no justice.

Wow great bust Manchester PD 🙄. I bet if they burned down local businesses and claimed “peaceful protest,” you guys would have let it slide.

The fact that so many ppl are outraged by this makes me happy. I was afraid the public would support the police department

Wow congrats on harassing and arresting innocent people. I think we can all agree police are proving to be a waste of tax dollars and oxygen.

Meanwhile my vehicle was hit and run in my driveway and the officer told me he wasn't going to be bothered to write a police report. There is a huge problem with how this city is being run.

Wow, you should be so proud of yourselves! You caught these horrible criminals who were putting stickers on things! Great police work. I'm sure the folks who had their cars and houses broken into are very thankful that you dedicated all those resources to nabbing these dangerous individuals.

Thank goodness for cops keeping us safe from stickers and thinking for ourselves.

Following orders from their boss Democrat .Mayor Graig........shes a clown HEY JOYCE DO SOMETHING TO CLEAN UP THE CITY ...THIS AINT IT ....... MANCHESTER HAS FALLEN APART...THE POLICE ARE AT THE MERCY OF JOYCE CRAIG

Phew... Thank God we nailed the sticker gang, Meanwhile hows all that other violent crime coming?.. just wondering... But I do feel safer now these guys are off the streets

"Some of the messages made references to...citizens being controlled"
And you proved them wrong by arresting them for stickers.

Great job getting to the bottom of this. My children will sleep better knowing the people putting stickers out have been dealt with.

They would have a field day with my kids, they put stickers on everything.

The best part is that these individuals have it on video, them going to the police department, speaking to an officer, and stating they were putting these stickers up. They wanted to make sure there was no issue, and that if there was, they could simply be contacted and they would come remove them. WEEKS before the warrants and "arrest".

Why is it that the way you think is the way everyone is supposed to think? They have the right to think that the Covid is a hoax. Next time i leave a shopping center and there is a flyer under my windshield wiper, cops will get a phone call. Do not touch my private property.

This is such BS... placing stickers on things... give me a break.... how about spend that much time and energy to chase real criminals...

Glad you caught those sticker guys. Vandilization is no joke. Speaking of that, how's it going with finding the culprit for car break ins at the apartment complexes on eastern ave? Any additional patrols? Statements taken? I mean my window has only been shattered 2 times. Not as important as stickers.

How dare you speak truth and contradict the leftist commie tyrants or exercise you're first amendment rights .well if law enforcement put this effort in going after real crime we would have much better safer and cleaner cities and towns.

Great job boys arresting the Wild Sticker Outlaw gang! So uh quick question, why was there an effort at all put into this while we have a fentanyl problem still running wild in the state?

Wow, thank you from protection from stickers you useless wads. This is one of the biggest jokes ever. People put things up ALL THE TIME! Also the mask mandate is useless and just a way to control people.

So anyone posting removable lost dog/animal post-ups should be arrested then, correct?

You guys should not be boasting about this. How embarrassing for you. These guys are not criminals.

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