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Nes Ziona, Israel, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. (Nasdaq: ENLV, the "Company"), a clinical-stage immunotherapy company, today reported positive top-line results of an investigator-initiated clinical trial of Allocetra in COVID-19 patients in severe/critical condition.

The clinical trial included five COVID-19 patients, three in severe condition and two in critical condition. All five patients had complete recovery from their respective severe/critical condition and were released from the hospital after an average of 5.5 days (severe) and 8.5 days (critical), following administration of Allocetra, at which time they were all COVID-19 PCR negative. There were no reported severe adverse events relating to the administration of Allocetra in the patients, and the therapy was well-tolerated.

АПДЕЙТ: Запустили вторую фазу испытаний

АПДЕЙТ-2: Первые два пациента получили препарат

АПДЕЙТ-3 - 3 декабря

Allocetra-OTS in COVID-19, Phase II

АПДЕЙТ-4 - 3 февраля
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