Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Наконец-то в минюсте осознали масштабы мюллеровского идиотизма

Upon careful consideration of all of the circumstances, and particularly in light of recent events and a change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination, as well as other facts described in more detail in a classified addendum to this motion, the government has concluded that further proceedings as to Concord, a Russian company with no presence in the United States and no exposure to meaningful punishment in the event of a conviction, promotes neither the interests of justice nor the nation’s security. The government has therefore decided that the calculation of whether a substantial federal interest is served by this prosecution, see Justice Manual § 9-27.230, has changed since the indictment was returned, and the better course is to cease litigation as to the Concord Defendants.


Among other things, the government must weigh the benefits of securing a guilty verdict against the costs of presenting the case at trial, including the potential harms of exposing information and sensitive techniques of great importance to law enforcement, the intelligence community, or both.

Честно сказать, я никогда не питал иллюзий насчет умища государственных прокуроров, в какой бы стране им не довелось служить. Но что на американской госслужбе обнаружатся такие патентованные дураки как Мюллер и его гоп-компания, не предполагал. Подлинная деградация.

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