Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin


ЕС отчитался, что в прошлом году пока никого еще за углекислый газ в тюрьму не посадили, ограничиваются штрафами.

Но ничего, придет время - и посадят. Не все коту масленица.


The EU ETS has a very high compliance rate: each year around 99% of the emissions are covered by the required number of allowances on time.


The competent authorities continue to carry out different compliance checks on the annual emissions reports.


Nine countries confirmed issue of penalties (other than excess emissions penalties) in the 2017 reporting period. No imprisonments were reported, but fines, formal notices, or final warning letters concerning 73 installations and 27 aircraft operators were noted amounting to a total financial value of EUR 37,8 million.

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