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Покушение на Скрипаля

Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street - Latest documents

Novichok nerve agent use in Salisbury: UK government response
This page sets out the government's response to the Salisbury attack, where a military-grade nerve agent was deployed in the UK on 4 March 2018


Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home


Unexplained death of man in New Malden
Mar 13, 2018 16:13 GMT

Murder investigation launched after man found dead in New Malden
Mar 16, 2018 15:50 GMT

Statement from family of Nikolay Glushkov
Mar 21, 2018

* * *

UPDATE: Salisbury investigation
Mar 28, 2018

Renewed appeal for information from anyone who saw Salisbury victim's car
Mar 17, 2018 10:49 GMT



Salisbury Incident

Salisbury Incident: Further Update


Salisbury attack: statement following British Ambassador’s meeting with Russian government


Создатель "Новичка": "В Москве были уверены, что следы не обнаружат"

Вил Мирзаянов: "Новичок" можно синтезировать или украсть, но применить его смогут немногие
Русская служба Би-би-си, Вашингтон
16 марта 2018
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