Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin


Это не я нашел - увидел в комменте юзера cjelli:

Kurt Eichenwald

If Trump appoints unqualified Rex Tillerson as Sec of State rather than Romney, we have 2 ask if Russia has its own man in the White House.

3:51 PM - 10 Dec 2016


By firing Tillerson one day after he publicly stated that Russia behind a WMD attack on British soil, we now have proof Trump is colluding with Putin. I don’t know if he did in the election. But he is doing it NOW in front of our eyes. He is Kremlin-owned.

6:22 AM - 13 Mar 2018

А можно то же самое, но прямо в виде твитов:


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