Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Уважаемый юзер koukhto снова пишет на тему пьянства в России ( плюс

Мы с ней эту тему когда-то уже обсуждали, включая "теорию Захарова" насчет резкого падения смертности при Горбачеве и резкого же ее роста после.

Но вот ведь пересказ лекции МакКи ( на эту тему (

Commentators in and outside Russia have long attributed that low male expectation of life to drinking vodka. Russian sources estimate that Russian men drink nine times as much as Russian women, and this must go some way to explaining the large difference between the expectation of life for men and for women. Russian women have an expectation of life ten years greater than that for men - a difference greater than that in any other country in the world. But relating consumption of alcohol to the statistics on cause of death is another matter. If alcohol is the cause, it is well disguised.

The number of deaths from accidents, injuries, drownings, murders and suicide are all high - but alcohol is not included in the statistics as a contributory factor for these categories.

The big medical puzzle, as McKee explained, is that the major cause of death among men is diseases of the circulatory system including heart disease - that are not usually associated with heavy alcohol consumption. The theory developed by McKee's team is that the pattern of drinking in Russia is different from that in other countries. High alcohol consumption in the west is usually associated with regular drinking.

But in Russia, McKee asserted. The pattern is one of binge drinking.

The Russians do not sip wine with every meal, but on the occasion gulp down lots of vodka. The statistical evidence supporting this conclusion flashed on the screen in a chart showing deaths by day of week. The peak day for deaths is Sunday. The number of deaths per day declines through the week until Thursday, and then starts to climb again.

Там журналист из Глоб энд Мэйл всякую отсебятину добавляет, но суть ясна. Во-первых, говорить надо не об общей статистике душевого потребления алкоголя в России, а прежде всего о МУЖСКОМ потреблении. Во-вторых, все упирается в конкретные формы потребления алкоголя.

Если смотреть на страницу этого МакКи, то там множество линков на краткие резюме его статей на эту тему (вот, вот, а вот и любопытная переписка на этот предмет).

Так что проблема все-таки есть. И тот факт, что у хантов и манси дела обстоят еще хуже, утешает слабо. Другое дело, что не ясно, ЧЬЯ это проблема, КТО ее должен решать и т.д.

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