Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Торрихос и Бойд

Оказывается, про генерала Торрихоса, который пытался поднять анти-монархическое восстание в Испании и был расстрелян в Малаге в 1831 году, и про его экспедицию в википедии можно прочитать только на трех языках - испанском, каталонском и русском.

Обнаружил это, наткнувшись на статью в English Historical Review за 1905 год. Там было впервые напечатано предсмертное письмо Роберта Бойда, который присоединился к экспедиции и был расстрелян без суда вместе с остальными ее участниками.

Теперь так уже не пишут. Вот это письмо:


Convento del Carmen
10 December, 1831

My dearest William,

The dismal news that this letter conveys, you I trust will break to my beloved & revered mother in the easiest and gentlest manner. Ere this letter reaches you I will be mouldering in my grave in a foreign land. The preparations for death are going on rapidly around me & as I sit chained among my fellow-sufferers in the refectory where I write from, the harbingers of death robed in the livery of the grave are flitting around me agonising as the Spaniards have it, the poor wretches at their confession. Violent have been the attacks they have made upon me to make me recant, and, if any such story should go abroad you will know what credit to attach to it.

I am thank God calm & perfectly resigned & at some future day I feel a presentiment that my spirit will claim retribution for my wrongs – Dark will be the deed that will be done this night in the Convento of the Carmelites – Accusation is conviction.

Think of me at times as I at this moment think only of the affliction that this news will bring upon my dear very dear brothers and sisters. Let them take my last my dying love & if the events of my life should pass before them, let them forget the follies of earlier times in the reflection that I fall in defence of what I hold dear and that there is not one dishonouring spot on the exit of your brother. He is the more fortunate. Yea he hath finished. For him there is no longer any future. His life was pure, bright; without spot it was & cannot cease to be. No ominous hour knocks at his door with tidings of mishap. Far off is he, above desire or fear. No more submitted to the chance or change of the unsteady planets. Oh! It is well with him.

Last best of love to my mother – Adieu.

Yours till the last affectionately,

Robert Boyd.

Mark you that I die like a gentleman & a soldier – I am to be shot with sixty others in about an hour.

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