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Не вижу прямого линка на эту запись, она появляется в общей ленте

CNN Politics
November 8, 2016 10:04pm

From CNN’s Dylan Byers: Larry Sabato: 'Wow'

Larry Sabato, political scientist and director of University of Virginia's Center for Politics, emails:

“Wow, huh? Even if Clinton manages to pull this out, it’s a debacle on the order of Dewey Defeats Truman. And the difference is, there were hardly any polls back in 1948 and we have hundreds of surveys now.

“It’s obvious that rural white turnout is through the roof. But why didn’t likely voter screens catch this?

“I’m sure you saw the Clinton tracks (polls). They were wrong in quite a few states. And if the exit poll numbers I saw in the late wave were all real, then the exit poll was wrong too.

“Calling it another Brexit doesn’t even begin to explain it. Our electorate is 30% minority and on Brexit day, the UK electorate was only 6%.

“A hundred studies coming.”
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