Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

с волками жить - по волчьи выть

Конечно, самое смешное - это то, что деятельность государственных служащих полностью описывается формулой "зоологический расизм", причем доведенной до максимального предела:

She explained that extensive genetic research has gone into Mexican gray wolf studies, showing the wolf to be the most genetically distinct gray wolf subspecies, with a unique genetic marker. <...>

We also asked the wolf biologist during her interview if she knew of any wolf hybrids. She said that although “anything was possible,” she did not know of any documented hybrid cases, noting that all MGWRP collared wolves had been tested to ensure genetic purity. The program attempts to test every wolf and coyote caught by staff, and no dog/wolf or coyote/wolf hybrid has been captured. She said that on the rare occasions when a wolf had bred with a dog, the pups were euthanized at the den.

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