Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Еще одна сравнительная география

К многочисленным картинкам, на которых страны раскрашиваются в соответствии с распределением того или иного параметра, можно было бы нарисовать картинку, показывающую распределение сохранившихся оттисков знаменитой гравюры Поллайуоло "Битва обнаженных".

Как пишут в википедиях,

There are fifty impressions known to have survived to 1939; their distribution gives an interesting insight into the spread of top-class old master prints. As at the census in Langdale in 2002, there are sixteen in the United States, all apparently arrived since 1890, and mostly in the period 1930-1960. Italy has nine impressions, England five, and Paris three. There were five in Germany in 1939, of which one seems definitely to have been destroyed during World War II, one other "lost" from Bremen, and one lost sight of after the war. The other impressions outside Europe are in Melbourne and Ottawa; in Europe the Albertina in Vienna, the Netherlands (3), Strasbourg (1) and Budapest have impressions. Two of the three impressions in Switzerland are the only ones in the world still in private collections.

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