Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Греция, МВФ, неплатеж

На всякий случай, если кто-то думает, что когда страна допускает задержку с платежами по долгам МВФ, то туда немедленно высаживаются войска ООН и продают в рабство женщин и детей - вот какая процедура предусмотрена по этому поводу в реальности, с полной хронологией действий (


Staff sends a cable urging the member to make the payment promptly; this communication is followed up through the office of the concerned Executive Director. The member is not permitted any use of the Fund’s resources nor is any request for the use of Fund resources placed before the Executive Board until the arrears are cleared.

2 weeks

Management sends a communication to the Governor for the member stressing the seriousness of the failure to meet obligations and urging full and prompt settlement.

1 month

The Managing Director notifies the Executive Board that an obligation is overdue.

6 weeks

The Managing Director notifies the member that unless the overdue obligations are settled promptly a complaint will be issued to the Executive Board. The Managing Director would also consult with and recommend to the Executive Board that a communication concerning the member’s situation should be sent to selected Fund Governors or to all Fund Governors in the event that the member has not improved its cooperation with the Fund.

2 months

A complaint regarding the member’s overdue obligations is issued by the Managing Director to the Executive Board.

3 months

A brief factual statement noting the existence and amount of arrears is posted on the Fund’s external website, and will be updated as necessary. It also indicates that the member’s access to Fund resources, including Trust resources, has been and will remain suspended for as long as arrears remain outstanding. The complaint is given substantive consideration by the Executive Board. The Board has usually decided to limit the member’s use of the general resources and, if overdue SDR obligations are involved, suspend its right to use SDRs. A press release is issued following the Board’s decision to limit the member’s use of the general resources or, if the member has overdue obligations in the SDR Department, to suspend its right to use SDRs. A similar press release will be issued following a decision to lift such limitation or suspension.

6–12 months

The Executive Board will review its decision on limitation within three months, with the possibility of a second review if warranted. Depending on the Executive Board’s assessment of the specific circumstances and of the efforts being made by the member to fulfill its obligations to the Fund, a declaration of ineligibility will be considered to take effect not more than twelve months after the emergence of arrears. The sending of communications to all Fund Governors and the heads of selected international financial institutions regarding the member’s continued failure to fulfill its financial obligations to the Fund is to be considered at the same time as the declaration of ineligibility.

Up to 15 months

A declaration of noncooperation will be considered within three months after the dispatch of the communications. Upon a declaration of noncooperation, technical assistance to the member will be suspended unless the Executive Board decides otherwise.

Up to 18 months

A decision on suspension of voting and representation rights will be considered within three months after the declaration of noncooperation.

Up to 24 months

The procedure on compulsory withdrawal will be initiated within six months after the decision on suspension.

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