Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Кого считать главой семьи

Definition of “Family” in the Survey of Consumer Finances

The definition of “family” used throughout this article differs from that typically used in other government studies. In the SCF, a household unit is divided into a primary economic unit (PEU) - the family - and everyone else in the household. The PEU is intended to be the economically dominant single person or couple (whether married or living together as partners) and all other persons in the household who are financially interdependent with that economically dominant person or couple.

This report also designates a head of the PEU, not to convey a judgment about how an individual family is structured but as a means of organizing the data consistently. If a couple is economically dominant in the PEU, the head is the male in a mixed-sex couple or the older person in a same-sex couple.

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