Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

В КАТАЛОГ (межбиблиотечный абонемент)

  1. "Deterrent diplomacy. Japan, Germany, and the USSR 1935-1940". Columbia University Press, 1976
  2. "Soviet nationality policies and practices" Praeger, 1978
  3. Parks M. Goble "Faoing Japan. Chinese politics and Japanese imperialism, 1931-1937" Harvard University Press, 1991
  4. Irwing M. Wall "French communism in the era of Stalin" Greenwood Press, 1983
  5. John J. Stephan "The Tanaka Memorial (1927): authentic or spurious?" (Modern Asian Studies, 7, 4 (1973), pp. 733-745)
Tags: каталог

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