Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Сергей Радченко о Чан Кайши

Today’s China in some ways has come to resemble China of the Nanjing decade, and the CCP, mired in corruption and in-fighting, looks more and more like the Guomindang of old. Yet China has also made a leap to modernity of the kind that would have tallied well with Chiang’s hopes for his nation. In a strange way, then, the CCP continues Chiang’s revolution. In the meantime, Chiang’s republic in Taiwan made a leap of another kind – to democracy and rule of law, which are still absent in the mainland. This, then, is the irony of Chiang’s life and times: China’s present-day is more his than Mao’s and, who knows, perhaps China’s future is also his. One day, if and when China is democratized and reunified, Chiang’s embalmed remains will return to the country that he had lost but also won.

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