Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Чудо-юдо рыба фугу

В любимом японском ресторане предлагается спецужин из рыбы фугу

В частности, меню ужина выглядит так:

1.Yubiki or Teppi (Fugu skin with ponzu sauce)
2.Tessa or Fugu sashi (Fugu sashimi sliced paper thin)
3.Shirako yaki (Grilled Fugu sperm)
4.Kara age (Lightly marinated fried Fugu)
5.Tecchiri or Fugu nabe (Fugu cooked in dashi with a lot of vegetable, tofu and noodles. Usually more than one person share the nabe (pot))
6.Zosui (Rice cooked in the soup from Tecchiri and at the last moment, a beaten egg is dropped in)

Однако, не бесплатно -

For a limited time through the end of March, KAZ Sushi Bistro is offering a full 5-course fugu tasting menu for $150 per person (minimum 2 people), including hireshu (hot sake with fugu fin).

ОПРОС-ВОПРОС - кто-нибудь ел? Надо идти или нет?

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