Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

BPS Working Papers

Berkeley Program in Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies

BPS Working Papers -

В том числе:

Spring 2001. McGuire, Elizabeth. China, the Fun House Mirror: Soviet Reactions to the Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966-1969. 40 pages, 249 KB

Winter 2000-2001. Astourian, Stephan H. From Ter-Petrosian to Kocharian: Leadership Change in Armenia. 64 pages, 711 KB

Winter 1999-2000. Walker, Edward W. Russia's Soft Underbelly: The Stability of Instability in Dagestan. 50 pages, 1,084 KB

Winter 1999-2000. State Building and the Reconstruction of Shattered Societies. 1999 Caucasus Conference Report. 49 pages, 1,018 KB

Winter 1999-2000. Alieva, Leila. Reshaping Eurasia: Foreign Policy Stategies and Leadership Assets in Post-Soviet South Caucasus. 32 pages, 459 KB

Summer 1999. Ram, Harsha. Prisoners of the Caucasus: Literary Myths and Media Representations of the Chechen Conflict. 33 pages, 487 KB

Fall 1998. Bonnell, Victoria and George Breslauer. Soviet and Post-Soviet Area Studies. 33 pages, 392 KB

Summer 1998. The Geopolitics of Oil, Gas, and Ecology in the Caucasus and Caspian Basin. 1998 Caucasus Conference Report. 110 pages, 1,381 KB

Summer 1998. Abrahamian, Levon Hm. Mother Tongue: Linguistic Nationalism and the Cult of Translation in Postcommunist Armenia. 29 pages, 456 KB

Winter 1997-1998. Nodia, Ghia. Causes and Visions of Conflict in Abkhazia. 55 pages, 498 KB

Fall 1997. Institutions, Identity, and Ethnic Conflict: International Experience and Its Implications for the Caucasus. 1997 Caucasus Conference Report. 102 pages, 1,010 KB

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