Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Это регнум сам мухлюет или чужой мухлеж транслирует?

ЕП назвал условия для развития торговли с Россией и "поэтапного перехода к безвизовому обмену": для этого Россия должна будет начать защищать основные права человека, свободу печати и собраний, снимет "ограничения свободы оппозиционных партий", положит конец "политически мотивированным судебным решениям": "политически мотивированному судебному решению" по делу Михаила Ходорковского, делу о смерти Сергея Магнитского.

Смотрим резолюцию европарламента и видим в ней, помимо прочего разного, два совершенно разных пункта.

Один - про визовой вопрос:

7. Takes note of the ongoing dialogue between the EU and Russia on further visa facilitation; reiterates its commitment to the long-term objective of visa-free travel between the EU and Russia, based on a step-by-step approach focused on substance and practical progress; welcomes the list of common steps (roadmap) for visa-free travel between Russia and the EU announced in May 2011; underlines that this dialogue should be in tune with the visa facilitation process concerning Eastern Partnership countries; recalls that both the EU and Russia must fully implement agreements which have been concluded; calls on the High Representative and the Commission to persuade Russia to cease issuing passports to residents of the occupied provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia; emphasises the necessity to prevent any breach of safety in Europe; calls for further cooperation on illegal immigration, improved controls at cross-border checkpoints and information exchange on terrorism and organised crime;

Другой - про Ходорковского и Магнитского:

16. Takes note with concern of the ruling handed down by the Russian appeal court against Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business associate Platon Lebedev on 26 May 2011 as a continuation of politically motivated court decisions; condemns political interference with the trial; welcomes President Medvedev's decision to examine this case in the Presidential Human Rights Council; welcomes the European Court of Human Rights' ruling in this case accepting Khodorkovsky's claims of unlawful detention; takes note of President Medvedev's decision to start an investigation into the criminal charges against Sergey Magnitsky; encourages the investigation committee to publish an independent and thorough report as soon as possible; welcomes the convictions for the murders of Anastasiya Baburova and Stanislav Markelov, and calls on the Russian authorities to continue their work on this case; takes note of the arrest of the suspected assassin of Anna Politkovskaya;

Никакой увязки между ними нет - по крайней мере, в тексте резолюции.

Если у кого проблемы с английским, может прочитать тот же текст на болгарском.

АПДЕЙТ: Спасибо анониму, обратил мое внимание. Получается, регнумовцы ухватились за крайне халтурный пересказ Граней, поленились перепроверить, зато сделали из него свою сенсацию. Печаль.

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