Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Из первого отчета ODIHR о Белоруссии

Polling stations opened on time without major procedural shortcomings. While the voting process was assessed as good to very good in 94.2 per cent of observed PSs, observers evaluated the transparency of the process as average to very bad in 11.2 per cent. International observers were restricted in their observations in 9.3 per cent of observed PSs. In some cases, PEC members were not fully co-operative.

Things changed during the vote count, with observers assessing the overall conduct of counting as bad to very bad in 46 per cent of observed PSs. The count was largely conducted in a non transparent manner, generally in silence, which undermined its credibility. Observers did not have a real opportunity to observe the counting in 32 per cent of the observed PSs and they were restricted in 66 per cent of PSs. In some cases, unauthorised persons directed the count and official results protocols were pre-signed by PEC members. Observers noted indications of ballot stuffing in 14 cases. The observed procedures did not ensure a transparent and accountable vote count and were not in line with paragraph 7.4 of the OSCE Copenhagen document.

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