Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Потери в Чечне

Периодически - иногда просто ежедневно - Ассошиэйтед пресс передает сообщения о боевых действиях в Чечне с перечнем потерь российской стороны.

Что характерно, сообщения эти построены обычно по одному шаблону. В частности, численность российских потерь излагается не по чеченским данным, а со ссылкой на анонимных представителей администрации Чечни - естественно, администрации российской, причем достаточно детально излагаются обстоятельства потерь. Типично сообщение с описанием гибели четырех-пяти-шести человек со стороны российских военных, не редко - больше. Численность же чеченских потерь дается со ссылкой на российских военных. В конце всегда дается короткая справка о природе и истории конфликта.

Судя по всему, в администрации Чечни регулярно проводятся брифинги для журналистов.

Тако вот, складывается ощущение, что российские СМИ эти сведения доводят до читателей/слушателей существенно реже, чем СМИ иностранные. Хотя и черпается все из официального российского источника...

Вот и сегодня, например - Линк

Six Russian Troops Die in Chechnya

By Yuri Bagrov
Associated Press Writer
Thursday, December 27, 2001; 4:25 PM

VLADIKAVKAZ, Russia –– At least six Russian soldiers were killed and another 17 wounded in rebel attacks and land mine explosions in Chechnya, officials said Thursday.

The Russian military has continued to suffer daily losses in Chechnya despite its long-held claim that rebel forces have been largely defeated.

Russian troops launched new security raids throughout the region on Thursday. The military said 14 rebels were killed in air and artillery strikes over the past 24 hours, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

Russian Mi-24 helicopter gunships and heavy artillery targeted suspected rebel bases in Chechnya's southern mountains, while federal forces searched for rebels in foothill towns and villages.

More than 50 residents were detained over the past 24 hours on suspicion of being linked to the rebels, said an official with Chechnya's Moscow-appointed administration, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Chechen official said rebels shelled federal outposts 24 times, killing three troops and wounding another 13.

A military vehicle hit a rebel mine in the eastern town of Argun, killing one soldier and wounding another. Two soldiers were wounded in a similar incident in the Chechen capital, Grozny, on Wednesday, the official said.

Also, two Russian police officers were killed in a clash with rebels in the village of Gekhi on Wednesday, and a sapper was badly wounded when he tried to defuse a mine in the eastern city of Gudermes on the same day, the official added.

Russian troops pulled out of Chechnya after suffering a defeat in the first, 1994-96 war, but returned in September 1999 following the rebel incursions into a neighboring region of Dagestan and apartment bombings which killed about 300 people which were blamed on the rebels.

The war in Chechnya has ravaged the tiny, mountainous republic and prompted over 150,000 Chechens to flee to neighboring Ingushetia, draining its scarce resources.

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