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  1. Anthony DePalma "The Man Who Invented Fidel. Castro, Cuba, and Herbert L.Matthews on The New York Times" PublicAffairs. 2006
  2. John R.Baker "Race" Oxford University Press. 1974
  3. Dave Grossman "On Killing. The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. Revised Edition" Back Bay Books. 2009
  4. Stephen D.Kertesz "Between Russia and the West. Hungary and the Illusions of Peacemaking 1945-1947" Hunyadi M. Mk. Publishing. 1992
  5. Ladislav Bittman "The KGB and Soviet Disinformation. An Insider's View" Pergamon Brassey's International Defence Publishers. 1985
  6. Otto John "Twice Through the Lines. The Autobiography of Otto John" (With an Introduction by H.R.Trevor-Roper) Harper & Row, Publishers. 1972
  7. Alan B.Spitzer "Historical Truth and Lies about the Past. Reflections on Dewey, Dreyfus, de Man, and Reagan" The University of North Carolina Press. 1996
  8. Robert L.Huthchings "Soviet-East European Relations. Consolidation and Conflict 1968-1980" The University of Wisconsin Press. 1983
  9. Robert L.Huthchings "American Diplomacy and the End of the Cold War. An Insider's Account of U.S. Policy in Europe, 1989-1992" The Woodrow Wilson Center Press; The Johns Hopkins University Press. 1997
  10. Ben Kiernan "How Pol Pot Came to Power. Colonialism, Nationalism, and Communism in Cambodia, 1930-1975. Second Edition" Yale University Press. 2004
  11. Bernard Lewis "What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response" Oxford University Press. 2002
  12. Bernard Lewis "The Political Language of Islam" The University of Chicago Press. 1988
  13. Karen Dawisha "The Kremlin and the Prague Spring" University of California Press. 1984
  14. Boris Volodarsky "The KGB's Poison Factory. From Lenin to Litvinenko" Zenith Press. 2009
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