Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

Чудеса в решете

Guinean government officials say that Deripaska, who is chief executive and controlling shareholder of Rusal, made the arrangement to meet Camara through an intermediary, Raoul Delaware. A British passport-holder from Mauritius, he is well-known in Conakry from his involvement in international business deals during the 25-year rule of President Lansana Conte. Conte died last December. He has been replaced by the Guinean Army.

But Guinean officials say they now suspect the man whom Delaware introduced as Deripaska at their August 6 meeting did not match the physical characteristics of Deripaska’s photographs. Camara then ordered his presidential audit committee, which has been reviewing Rusal’s bauxite mining and alumina operations in Guinea, to proceed in court with a request for a ruling on whether the company has violated Guinean law and its concession agreements in the operation of the Friguia alumina refinery. On September 10, the court ruled that Rusal was in violation of the sale and purchase agreement for the refinery in 2006.

Rusal acknowledges in a website announcement that Deripaska visited Guinea in early August. Vera Kurochkina, the Rusal spokesman, declines to say whether Deripaska or his representatives had been in contact with Camara, or had met him on August 6. Mahmoud Thiam, Guinea’s Minister of Mining, Energy and Hydraulics, said in interview: “we suspect a double. We cannot say for sure.”

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