Boris Lvin (bbb) wrote,
Boris Lvin

В КАТАЛОГ - Gelman Library

  1. "Soviet Diplomacy and Negotiating Behavior: Emerging New Context for US Diplomacy. Study Prepared by the Senior Specialists Division, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress" US Government Printing Office. 1979
  2. Kenneth Scott Latourette "The American Record in the Far East, 1945-1951" The Macmillan Company. 1952
  3. Alvin Z.Rubinstein "The Soviets in International Organizations. Changing Policy Toward Developing Countries, 1953-1963" Princeton University Press. 1964
  4. Frederick C.Barghoorn "The Soviet Image of the United States. A Study in Distortion" Harcourt, Brace and Company. 1950
  5. "Communist Nations' Military Assistance" (edited by John F.Copper and Daniel S.Papp) Westview Press. 1983
  6. "Reforming Socialist Systems: The Chinese and Soviet Experience. A Conference Report" (Edited by Gail W.Lapidus and Jonathan Haslam) Berkeley-Stanford Program On Soviet International Behavior. 1987
  7. "The Communist Parties of Italy, France and Spain: Postwar Change and Continuity. A Casebook" (Edited by Peter Lange, Maurizio Vannicelli) George Allen & Unwin. 1981
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