July 24th, 2019

Об Брексит - 8, или "no ifs or buts"

Если Борис - это уже хорошо!

I pay tribute to the fortitude and patience of my predecessor and her deep sense of public service but in spite of all her efforts it has become clear that there are pessimists at home and abroad who think that after three years of indecision that this country has become a prisoner to the old rguments of 2016 and that in this home of democracy we are incapable of honouring a basic democratic mandate. And so I am standing before you today to tell you the British people that those critics are wrong. The doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters – they are going to get it wrong again. The people who bet against Britain are going to lose their shirts because we are going to restore trust in our democracy and we are going to fulfil the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the EU on October 31 no ifs or buts.