January 15th, 2019

reckless personal opinions

"Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory respects and upholds the rights, abilities, and potential of all human beings" - если это, конечно, не Джеймс Д. Уотсон, которого "лаборатория" совсем нисколечко не уважает и поспешает известить публику о этом своем неуважении.

Пишущие от имени "лаборатории" (а также всех сотрудников, технических работников и студентов) гг. Саймонс и Стилман настолько его не уважают и настолько распереживались, что потеряли остатки собственного разума и докатились до безумного выражения "reckless personal opinions".

1733 в Дании прям как 1933 в СССР

The Stavnsbånd was a serfdom-like institution introduced in Denmark in 1733 in accordance with the wishes of estate owners and the military. It bonded men between the ages of 14 and 36 to live on the estate where they were born. It was possible, however, to purchase a pass releasing one from this bondage. So, in practice, estate owners and their sons were not particularly bonded to live on their estates.

The Stavnsbånd was introduced because of a crisis in 1730 where a lot of peasants tried their luck in the cities. That meant that there was a need for workers on the farms, and for people to join the army.