September 14th, 2018

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В догонку к колонке Сергея Шелина (

QUESTION: - Vostok exercise in Russia?

Does - are you worried about a possible military alliance anytime in the future between Russia and China? Does this kind of behavior fall short of an alliance? And - and does the articulation of our - of the U.S. great power competition strategy increase the likelihood of driving those two powers together?

SEC. MATTIS: Yeah. I think that nations act out of their interests. I see little in the long term that aligns Russia and China.

Апдейт про письмо

Сюжет про письмо ( получил продолжение.

John Woodcock (Barrow and Furness) (Ind)

Given the crystal clear evidence of Russian state involvement in these attacks - indeed, in the masterminding of them - why have the Government reached the conclusion that the other deeply suspicious deaths of Russian dissidents and others on British soil should not be reinvestigated?

Mr Wallace

I read the BuzzFeed allegations about the 14 deaths that that report viewed as suspicious. We have re-examined those cases, with other people looking at them - rather than only the officers who initially did the investigations, we have peer-group looked at them - and I have tested the assurances that I have had. In those cases, the investigations themselves did not throw up anything that would currently lead us to be suspicious. At the same time, the investigations and actions were done properly.

Точно подмечено

В этой "беседе" ругательно описана деятельность Константинополя после революции 1917 года. Но сама эта революция не упоминается вообще. Есть только "большевики", "большевисткое руководство", "Советская власть" и "20-е годы", вот "коммунистов" нет. Из московских патриархов упоминается только Тихон. Сергия и других просто не, хотя речь про 30-е, и про 40-е, и про 60-е годы . Видимо, просто стыдно.