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Boris Lvin

November 14th, 2017

November 14th, 2017
01:45 pm


2 October 2018 - 13 January 2019

Хочешь, не хочешь, а ехать придется.

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04:46 pm


Словом, идет повседневная, будничная жизнь
Mr. Mnangagwa, 75, has fled the country, fearing assassination. He earlier alleged that Ms. Mugabe had attempted to poison him. It is believed that together they manouevred Joice Mujuru, an earlier vice-president, out of the succession sweepstakes in 2014. Even earlier, in 2011, Mr. Mnangagwa and Ms. Mugabe may have had a hand in the brutal killing of Solomon Mujuru, Ms. Mujuru's husband, a former liberation war guerilla commander and another potential successor to President Mugabe.


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