September 30th, 2015

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And Assad has made a series of choices ever since then that is literally destroying his country. Three-quarters of his country is displaced. It’s in Jordan, it’s in Lebanon, it’s in Turkey, and in the desert. The threat is that those people in the desert and others could become the next acolytes of ISIL if we don’t find a way to join together to go after ISIL. And if Russia is there alone fighting them, guess what? Russia becomes the target and Russia starts seeing – who knows – MANPADs will find their way in there, airplanes will fall out of the sky. They will become vilified. They’ll become the new magnet, together with Assad, for the jihadis.

Золотой стандарт в Финляндии

Материалы по вопросу о денежном обращении в великом княжестве финляндском. СПб. 1900

Материалы по вопросу об устройстве денежной и банковой систем в Финдяндии. СПб. 1905

фон Винклер -- Из истории монетного дела в России: финляндская монета. СПб. 1900

Ананьич "Золотой стандарт Финляндии и России" - в: "Россия на рубеже XIX-XX веков. Материалы научных чтений памяти Бовыкина". М. 1999