August 13th, 2009

Румынское золото

1 марта 2009 года

Diaconescu also said that after a three year-break, the joint Russian-Romanian commission for the recovery of the Moscow treasure by Bucharest will resume activity.
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2 марта 2009 года

The Romania-Russia joint commission on the recovery of the Romanian Treasure from Moscow is to resume works after a three-year break, Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu announced on Feb. 28. "A semi-governmental commission is looking into the issue of the Treasure; the commission has been operational for a given time, but dialogue was then halted for three years. I discussed the subject with Mr. Lavrov.
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28 мая 2009 года

Комментарий официального представителя МИД России А.А.Нестеренко в связи с высказыванием Министра иностранных дел Румынии К.Дьяконеску относительно «договоренности возобновить двусторонние встречи» по проблеме «румынского золотого запаса»

К сожалению, г-н Дьяконеску передергивает факты. Collapse )

1 июня 2009 года

Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu on Saturday stated that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs mistook – on purpose or not – the two commissions with regard to the Treasure, explaining that he discussed with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov about initiating a round of negotiations in Moscow over this issue.
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Пресс-релизы прошлых лет:

Наконец - самый сюрреалистический и очень длинный текст, опубликованный в мае 2007 года. Что в нем правда, а что - выдумки авантюриста, я понять не могу. Например, что стоит за словами о загадочной сделке Чаушеску с Москвой, заключенной в 86-м году - реальная тайна или пустые байки? Наверно, если знать румынский, то можно найти и отклики на это интервью...

Virginia MIRCEA "Who doesn’t want our Treasure back from Russia?"

Between the summer of 2003 and end-2004, Mr. Eugen Anca represented a German, Stuttgart-based company, Capital Consulting Ltd, which is the European arm of the Institute for Foreign Economic Relations (VNIIVS), a governmental agency of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce. In April 2005, company Profact SRL (with Eugen Anca as sole shareholder) was invited by the Institute for Foreign Economic Relations based in Moscow to form a mission, which was to include an authorised representative of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), in view of launching negotiations in Moscow on the contractual terms and conditions for a package of 32 trade, economic and financial projects entrusted by the Institute to company Profact SRL. The last of these projects, at number 32, referred to “confirmation of participation in talks on project no. D–02/122, “The Gold component” of the assets of the Romanian Kingdom in the Russian Federation, or as the Russian dubbed it, the “rare metal component.” In this project, the central bank official alone had the right to conduct negotiations and make a final decision. Although attempts were made to get Romanian authorities involved in finalising the project to recover the Treasure, the Moscow offer was ignored.
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