October 8th, 2008



Что-то никак не могу найти, где на Регнуме выложено большое исследование этнических корней руководителей администрации президента и правительства Российской Федерации. Гугль, наверно, барахлит.

Оказывается, несколько месяцев обсуждали

The Russian Ambassador to Iceland, Victor I. Tatarintsev, informed the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Iceland this morning that Russia would grant the Central Bank a loan in the amount of 4 billion euros. The maturity is three to four years on terms in a range of 30 to 50 basis over libor. Prime Minister Putin has confirmed this decision.

The Icelandic Prime Minister initiated contacts concerning this agreement some months ago. Representatives from the Central Bank of Iceland and the Government will finalise the agreement in Moscow.


nekompetentní populismus

European politicians are "crazy" to have offered pledges of blanket deposit protection for bank savers and governments cannot afford it, Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

His comments followed a pledge by Germany to guarantee all deposits in its banks and similar responses of Austria, Denmark and Sweden, days after Ireland took more draconian deposit insurance measures to restore confidence in its banking system.

"No government in Europe is able to meet guarantees for all deposits in the country. It simply cannot afford it," daily Hospodarske Noviny quoted Kalousek as saying.


Co říkáte na výzvu předsedy ČSSD Jiřího Paroubka, který požaduje od vlády absolutní garanci na veškeré úspory?

Nemohu k tomu říct nic jiného, než že je to nekompetentní populismus.