March 19th, 2004

Святой генерал Фрэнк Эндрюс

Вытащу-ка из коммента:

Неужели трудно выяснить, что знаменитая база ВВС США Сент-Эндрюс пишется по-русски именно так, а не "Сент-Андрю" и не "Сейнт-Андрю"?

In fall 1942, General Andrews was assigned to Cairo as commander of all US Forces in the Middle East, establishing Ninth Air Force during his tenure there. Early in 1943, he was placed in overall command of the U.S. European Theater of Operations. From his headquarters in London, he directed both the American air campaign against Germany and the planning for the ground forces' invasion of Western Europe. It was his last assignment. His death in a B-24 Liberator on May 3, 1943 was an enormous loss.

In 1945, less than three month before victory in Europe, Camp Springs Army Air Base, Md. was renamed Andrews Field.