February 9th, 2004

Всё. Вершина абсурда достигнута. Большего идиотизма не бывает

Developing Countries Reject Obesity Plan

The Associated Press
Monday, February 9, 2004; 8:30 PM

ROME - A group of developing countries rejected the science driving the United Nations' effort to fight obesity worldwide, saying Monday the dietary recommendations are based on flawed research and "not worthy of serious consideration."

The scientific report underpinning the global obesity strategy recommends that governments strive to limit their people's intake of sugar and fat while encouraging increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The developing countries said the report was shoddy and urged better nutrition education, not arbitrary limits of specific types of food. Their argument mirrors what sugar and other food industry representatives contend.

The report "labels various food items as good and bad. It concludes, without any scientific evidence, that bad food is the main cause of chronic diseases. This arbitrary conclusion, apart from its shaky scientific foundation, is indeed prejudicial," a Colombian delegation told the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, speaking on behalf of the G77 group of developing nations and China.

The U.N. food agency was reviewing the report on Monday.